Sunday, August 19, 2012

Looking for a job in PR?

I have observed that students who get ready to face the industry either while they are seeking internships or jobs,face a few hurdles.

The lack of knowledge of current affairs is one of the primary concerns.Second,no  basic knowledge of finance terms. I remember one student came back and told me that she was asked questions on shares and IPOs and she didn't have the answers.

You are now even required to possess basic knowledge of computers and some Microsoft office skills. And yes a mobile device where you can have your contacts stored in the in-built messenger.

These mind you are over and above the basic requirement of communication skills, both spoken and written.

With fast moving times and advancement in technology students have to remain in touch with latest developments or else they will be left behind.

One of my students told me how knowing a regional language was useful to her. So times have come where knowing an additional language is always useful. So you can no longer ignore reading writing other languages.

These are a list of some 'to do list' which every newbie practitioner in PR should know especially in Mumbai. But I am sure these are common elsewhere too.

As a teacher I try my best to help the freshers in imbibing these skills but are there any additions on these?

Can you suggest some more to-dos?