Saturday, July 23, 2011

You need Public Relations

We have observed that public relations agencies help in media relations activity for an organisation.Many are also seen managing events for a company or a celebrity.Some are crisis management experts and yet others are financial public relations consultants.The many functions of public relations can be observed here.

I have heard of my friends being hired for managing the public relations function in companies, which was otherwise initially only concentrating on the marketing or advertising function. So which is that defining moment which buffers the move for an organisation to hire a public relations firm or shape up their own public relations department?

What are those reasons which inspire or motivate this move? If you are a public relations consultant when would you advise a company that they need public relations? 

What would you advise?


  1. Companies need PR for following reasons:
    1. At the time of crises. When they think that their well established brand image is at risk. For ex - TATA Nano PR
    2. To beat competition. For ex - if Sunfeast will not talk about its products in market then Maggi will always dominate the market.
    3. At the time of new product/ service launch - world wide announcement through Press Conferences at various locations.
    4. When companies need to establish in new regions/horizons. For ex- if a Mumbai based company want to start its Business in Delhi.


  2. For a company, Public Relation should be considered as an umbrella under which many tools can be used to connect with different audience, where the Corporate communication team should be in place to decide the goals time to time and seek guidance from specialised agencies for different situations. While, the relations with all stake holders is important - an insider, a corporate communication department can smell, feel, live the role of a communicator consistently on behalf of the company. In the other hand, agency is important and undeniable resource of industry knowledge, human resource required, reach and relations with all sets of media. Specially on high stake situations like - launching a company, launching new brand, crisis situations, for fund raising communications, specialized PR agencies rescues the company with a low budget and efficiency, compared to the kind of efforts, budget and resources they would require for one event.