Friday, March 9, 2012

PR on the internet through Photos & Videos

The internet offers so many opportunities to project public relations works through photos and videos. Sites and software offering services to host photos and photos are plenty and have been extensively used to promote products and services of clients.  Sites such as Flicker, Picasa, Kodak, Ovi share are some to name in the photo share category. Youtube and Vimeo hold prominent place in sharing of videos. Video Blogging or vlogging is a phenomenon catching up slowly. There is a very new website called Pinterest that seeks to catch your attention in bringing both these channels of photos and videos together and this set me rolling in knowing a bit more on it and I thus self-invited (you have to be invited) myself to get on-board and learn a bit more on how a platform combining photos and videos can create a revolution and change the way public relations is always known for most of the times: "It is all about writing". This platform breaks away from the usual writing grind and helps us discover people and things through photos and videos hosted on their original site. Of course, the photos or videos may carry a writing on the original site, But the best part of this was giving full credit to the original author. So no cheating please! 

And I am not doing PR for any of the above mentioned names of sites or softwares :-)

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