Thursday, September 12, 2013

So why bother about current affairs?

I have often noticed when I take lectures anywhere that students do not like to read on current affairs. Its that they are very happy in their cocoons, not caring what happens in the world. Weren't most of us that way when we were younger or their age?

The situation with the current lot today is slightly different. Today it is far more important to be abreast with issues happening than before. Whether it in seeking employment or even a simple discussion with colleagues or anybody who is a little well read than you are, being aware about current happenings has become crucial. Simple reason that knowledge is overflowing because of so many sources available and there is no way I can say I didn't know that.

This generation is lucky to have so many sources to get their knowledge from, provided they are authentic and credible. Unlike just a few years ago, Internet is now one blessed source where you just need to know the right places that serves you the right information. 

Twitter for me has become my daily food for news sources for example. Following the right handles of news organisations, expert individuals and well read friends this place is a rich source of news all put together in one place. You could choose your own.

Your own thoughts on this platform or on Facebook or LinkedIn is a mental exercise in responsible writing. Now you may wonder what role does writing play in knowing about current affairs?  I personally feel that Internet is a public sphere which is like your street outside your home or the park or office area where you will not behave like an idiot.Hopefully. So when you read responsible writing you are expected to do so the same. As a habit. And we tend to write a lot which becomes fodder for current affairs knowledge for someone else. Well this doesn't mean one should not have the funny side, but definitely not out of color. So when this place increases my knowledge on current affairs even with a local update, it becomes a responsibility of every individual to think before what they write. 

Now when my students find it boring to read on current affairs I only tell them that maybe some got away with it in some previous generations; you cannot. Your presence on the Net defines your reading and your writing and they are interlinked. This will be some serious writing not too. More than gossips and plain fwds. No escape. In any profession. Read and write and write and read. Your knowledge is being tested all the time without even being told so. Whether you will be in journalism or public relations or advertising or film production or marketing, your cyber presence is being checked for your knowledge in current affairs too. Maybe it will look all tough and boring and mundane initially but things will change. So change if you haven't already. 

What do you think?