Monday, November 18, 2013

Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

As we communicate, we find there are different ways we communicate on behalf of organizations and the products they sell. Or the image they want to create. This topic was simply a discussion in class about the difference between these different domains. These various areas of knowledge has long been debated upon and thought of being same or at least similar. Yes similar to the extent that they help in creating awareness about an entity or individual but not the same at all. They may use each other for enhancing each others credentials but are cannot be interchangeably used.

Some links may help you grasp the huge differences between these mammoth fields. Marketing and Public Relations : An exploratory study and Interdependency between Marketing and Public Relations shed light on the growing debate between the two domains and explain the differences. Public relations and marketing: Dividing the conceptual domain and operational turf speaks about the different philosophies guiding these two practices.PR Vs Advertising and Introduction to PR and Advertising clearly explain the difference between public relations and advertising.

Hope this text helps in the clarity.

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